Make the Sunshine Coast Your Home

With direct access to beaches, forests, mountains, and lakes, a full range of city-style amenities, and a welcoming healthcare community that’s committed to supporting the career path you choose, it’s easy to find your perfect balance on the Sunshine Coast.

We’re seeking a full range of primary care providers, including FPs and NPs, who want to practice a more diverse, rural style of healthcare, supported by a great local hospital, responsive specialists, and all the services of a major centre, just 40 minutes away.

“On the Sunshine Coast, our tight-knit healthcare community translates into unstinting support, whether you need some extra coverage or want to take your practice in a new direction. Retention is vital, so we’re committed to ensuring our colleagues are happy in what they do.”

Cowrie Medical Clinic 

Become a Doctor on BC’s Sunshine Coast

Banner Image: Sunshine Coast Tourism/Chris Thorn Photography
Rocks (top to bottom): Sunshine Coast Hospital Foundation, Shell Windsor, Sunshine Coast Tourism/Chris Thorn Photography, Dolf Vermeulen Creative

“As an active partner in the Sunshine Coast’s Primary Care Network, the shíshálh Nation enjoys a highly collaborative relationship with the local healthcare community. We’re working together on several valuable healthcare initiatives, including establishing a Foundry Centre, a new Indigenous Led Primary Care Clinic, Lilxmitawtxw, or “House of Caring”, and a new Regional Treatment and Wellness Centre, which will improve access to care and improve health outcomes for our people.”

Division Manager of Community Member Services, shíshálh Nation

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