Welcoming Community

While it’s just a ferry ride from Metro Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast exudes a relaxed energy you’ll notice as soon as you arrive. There’s also a remarkable spirit of cooperation, at the workplace and in the community.

Supportive Colleagues

When physicians and other healthcare providers talk about practicing on the Sunshine Coast, they always mention their incredibly supportive colleagues. That support begins on arrival, when you’re given a comprehensive orientation guide, and connected to a community mentor who can provide advice about local resources and life on the Coast.

In the workplace, a commitment to helping one another means mentoring newcomers, covering shifts, and aiding colleagues in career development.

More broadly, a supportive NP Community of Practice and groups like a Wellness Committee foster increased opportunities to connect, support, and socialize with people who share your professional experiences.

There’s employer-hosted social events and family activities too, like summer picnics, holiday gatherings, and other get-togethers.

“The Sunshine Coast has been a wonderful place to work and raise a family. We have a close and supportive group of colleagues, you can tailor your practice according to your skills and interests, and you can design a work-life balance that works for you. I can’t imagine a better scenario.”

Gibsons Medical Clinic

Team-Based Model of Care

Delivering healthcare can be challenging – but you don’t need to do it alone.

The Sunshine Coast’s Primary Care Network is designed to share the load, bringing together physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, allied health care providers, health authority service providers, and community organizations to deliver all the primary care services our local population requires.

This team-based model of care also extends to our medical facilities, where Family Physicians provide services at their respective clinics, and also collectively provide inpatient coverage at Sechelt Hospital (including a rotational system for covering weekend inpatient rounds).

This gives everyone more time off, while promoting a highly collaborative work environment.

Photo Credit: Sunshine Coast Hospital Foundation
Photo Credit: Sunshine Coast Tourism / Chris Thorn Photography, Margus Riga, BC Ale Trail

Friendly Neighbours

In smaller communities, mutual interests and common gathering places make it easier to connect with your neighbours.

On the Coast, that increased connection has forged a high level of volunteerism and generosity, and an inclusive, engaged population that works together to create thriving communities.

The Sunshine Coast Welcoming Communities program, for example, helps orient and settle new Canadians and immigrants on the Coast.

Others, like the Sechelt Hospital Foundation and Sunshine Coast Hospice work to advance initiatives that dramatically impact the health and wellness of local communities.

It’s easy to find people who share your passions too. Whether you love the arts, exploring the outdoors, or contributing to your community, there’s a club for that!

A slower pace of life, a more relaxed attitude, and uncrowded spaces also promote sociability; there’s just more time to connect as you move through your day.

“It’s easier to make friends here than in the city – folks are a little more open and approachable.”

Gibsons MEdical Clinic

Thriving Economy

The Sunshine Coast supports a diverse, healthy economy, with a growing population base. In 2021, the region’s population totaled 32,170, up by 7.3% over 2016. The increase has led to heightened demand for professionals in healthcare, the building trades, and service industries such as financial planning, food services, and social services.

Major employers on the Coast include:

The Sunshine Coast also provides boundless opportunities for those who want to start their own business. Visit Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization for useful information on the unique advantages of living, working, and doing business on the Southern Sunshine Coast.

For those who prefer to continue working in the Greater Vancouver area, commuting is a viable option due to the short 40-minute ferry ride, and excellent connections to public transit from the Horseshoe Bay ferry terminal.

“Having moved to the Coast recently myself, I can account for the amazing team spirit of Health Care Workers here. My children have easily settled into one of the many local elementary schools and with the mountains and the beach on our doorstep — we have so much yet to explore. 10/10!”

Cowrie Medical

Inclusive Educational System

The Sunshine Coast offers a broad array of educational programs designed to ensure that every student receives the support they require to succeed.

School District 46 – Sunshine Coast provides public education to over 3,400 students supported by 600 dedicated staff.

SD46 has nine elementary schools, four secondary schools, and a wide range of innovative programs including prenatal and early education supportsK-7 nature-based learning programsalternative education/online programscareer programs, and Indigenous learning and support programs.

Francophone students can attend Ecole de Pacifique for grades 1-7 and Ecole Chatelech Secondary for grades 8-12.

There is also a Capilano University campus in Sechelt, which offers a variety of post-secondary programs.

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