Flexible Career

As a semi-rural community, the Sunshine Coast offers a broad scope of practice and wide variety of career options, balanced by easy access to specialists and urban healthcare facilities. Life outside the city also provides much-needed calm in your downtime, promoting a fully sustainable work-life balance.

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Use All Your Skills

On the Sunshine Coast, Family Physicians practice a more rural style of medicine, which offers a stimulating mix of day-to-day work and the opportunity to employ the full scope of your training and experience.

At the same time, you benefit from collegial relationships with specialists, a well-resourced local hospital, and a quick link to all the healthcare amenities of Vancouver, less than an hour away.

There are also frequent opportunities to help train new doctors; the Gibsons, Cowrie, and Upstream medical clinics are training sites for 2nd Year UBC Family Practice Residents and 3rd and 4th Year medical students.

All clinics on the Coast use the same electronic medical record system (MedAccess EMR by Telus Health) enabling student and locum physicians to easily transition from one facility to another.

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“You really can ‘build your own adventure’ on the Sunshine Coast. Super flexible work options, together with highly supportive colleagues, have allowed me to develop a practice that truly reflects my specific interests and needs.”

Gibsons Medical Clinic

Build Your Dream Practice

Within our primary care network, you can choose to work as much or as little as you want, in a variety of settings, including telehealth, in-person, in-clinic, and at the Sechelt Hospital.

Depending on local need, physicians are also fully supported to explore and develop specialty niches in hospital and the community, including:

  • GP Anesthesia
  • Obstetrics
  • Emergency Medicine
  • In-patient Care
  • Addictions Medicine
  • GP Oncology
  • Palliative Care
  • Geriatric Medicine

Caring colleagues, access to specialists, and close ties with UBC’s medical school all work to foster a progressive and collegial practice environment.

“The flexibility to create the kind of practice you want is truly remarkable. When I chose to shift from general practice to specializing in palliative care, my colleagues supported me every step of the way.”

Cowrie Medical Clinic

Make A Real Difference

Joining a smaller community can amplify your voice, positioning you to make a positive difference, faster. Sunshine Coast physicians are often asked to share their thoughts and opinions on areas of interest, through casual discussion, as part of a working group, or via email.

Participation is completely voluntary, and an honorarium is paid to those who do provide feedback. Most rewarding of all? Seeing your ideas and input translated into real change.

“Nursing on the Sunshine Coast offers a wide variety of challenges and opportunities, from hospital to community. You can really get to know your clients and create a long-term rapport, all while being located in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada.”

Gibsons Medical Clinic

“On the Sunshine Coast, our tight-knit healthcare community translates into unstinting support, whether you need some extra coverage or want to take your practice in a new direction. Retention is vital, so we’re committed to ensuring our colleagues are happy in what they do.”

Cowrie Medical Clinic

Be Fairly Compensated

In 2023, the Province of BC launched the Longitudinal Family Physician Payment Model to address the stability and sustainability of family medicine.

Developed by Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors and the BC government, the new model ensures Family Physicians are paid for all the time needed for patient care, including time spent with patients, care coordination, and required paperwork.

According to the BC Medical Journal, the change represents a return to the family practice equivalent incomes of the 1970s, and a major step toward improving the work–life balance of Family Physicians.

It’s also good for BC patients, who will benefit from improved retention and recruitment of more Family Physicians.

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